Skill Manager

Il est maintenant possible de rajouter un système de classe et d'aptitude directement sur les joueurs. Configurer le nombre de niveaux, les points d’expérience et/ou des différents palier (tier). Les options sont nombreuses pour adapter la progression que vous voulez. Il n'y a pas de configuration par défaut, il vous faudra créer vous-même les sorts avec les mécanismes.
Il y a une interface pour les joueurs permettant de voir un descriptif des classes, des skills et leurs progression pour le moment assez basique.

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Manage entities

So far with the mechanisms could scripter different interaction with the players. Now you can launch a suite of mechanisms on pop entitees. This opens up new possibility of creating monster with lots of different skills. For example you can add a timer on entity for change target or shoots an arrow toward his direction.

With the new trigger damage, the damages can be added to any projectile such as snowball.
You can filter the different causes of damage and change the damages received or give according to their type. A nice tip to add on a projectile is a timer 1/10 permanent repeat 20 times and launch a particle effect and sound on his position.

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This new feature serves to reuse the mechanisms that you do in a mekabox. It's like a quest or an event where you create mechanisms and their links. Except this mekabox is launched through ToolBox mechanism. You can use this mekabox any other quest or event via the ToolBox.

Very useful to avoid re-create the same mechanisms.

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Update minecraft 1.7.2

It is there, the wait was long mainly because of MCP, used to decompile the client in good condition.

We had asked me a long time ago, I added the management of multiple page on quests. Now nothing holding you back from creating long stories, very long. :)

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Name on items and enties

Create more elaborate quests by putting a name on an item. You can gather, give or even add special functions with the trigger use item. The quest  possibilities are many interesting but beware, players can also rename an item with the anvil.

Because it's always cool to kill the zombie, it is still better to personified by name.

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Update minecraft 1.6.4

After lot of requests it has finally arrived with the Forge compatibility and MCPC+ mc 1.6.4.
I also added two new interesting features :

  • mechanism Action Quest Book to open a quest with book by right clicking on it.
  • mechanism Use Item Trigger launches mechanisms linked when the player does right click with the configured item. For example throw a fireball with a sword.

Unfortunately, there is a bug if you create for the first time an Entity Action Pop and Tool Fx Effect which makes you crash your client. Fix with Mini Quest v0.781.

ps: A big thank you for the 2 donations I received this month :)

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